Donald Trump, <EM>The Apprentice</EM> Donald Trump, The Apprentice

Despite placing fourth last Monday with atypically low ratings for a season premiere, The Apprentice is at no risk of getting fired from NBC's lineup. "They've already started [production on Season 6]," Donald Trump tells, referring to the first edition to be shot in California. Still, DT can't help but acknowledge No. 5's lukewarm debut. "I was disappointed only in that if you looked at the last show of the [previous] season, where I chose Randall, we were the No. 2 show for the week, behind CSI," he notes. "The Apprentice has always started off slower and built over the season. But I was disappointed. A lot of people are still confused with the fact that it's on Monday now instead of Thursday." If only he or the show had grabbed a headline or two in recent weeks.