Don Ho still hits the stage every week in Hawaii, singing "Tiny Bubbles," raising a glass to the vacationers and exclaiming, "Suck 'em up!" But it's the laid-back vocalist's 1972 Brady Bunch appearance (the one where Greg wore that spooky necklace) and a surreal daytime variety series, The Don Ho Show (with Ho more interested in his drink order than talking to his guests), that secured his spot as the tiki god of lounge culture. Next up, the King of Waikiki teams with a cartoon legend in Aloha, Scooby-Doo!, an animated adventure (out this week on DVD) that's almost as colorful as the 73-year-old island icon himself.

TV Guide Online: How long have you been performing?
Don Ho:
I've been doing it for 44 years and I'm going to keep on doing it until I get it right! [

laughs] Doing the show at the Beachcomber Hotel is good for my health. Really, I think it's good for me, the singing, the socializing with the crowd and the laughing.

TVGO: What about the drinking?
Hey, it's been proven that drinking wine is good for your health. It removes the plaque around your heart. So I sip a little pinot noir when I'm on stage to clear the plaque... Then, of course, I have some cabernet to catch the plaque that the pinot missed.

TVGO: Speaking of wine, do you ever get tired of doing "Tiny Bubbles"?
The baby boomers still come to hear it. I do it twice a night. Once in the beginning of my show, for those who can't stay awake till the end, and then again at the end of the show, for those who can't remember when I did it at the beginning. [Sighs] At my age, that joke isn't funny anymore.

TVGO: Those baby boomers must also ask about The Brady Bunch.
They do, but I honestly don't remember doing it. I just played a little ukulele and sang. That Brady Bunch show really kept me going over the years because everyday, somewhere, I was on TV.

TVGO: A lot of famous people have come to see your show. Who's the biggest?
Hmm... Elvis. He came to see me at the Hilton in Vegas. He jumped on stage with me and gave me a great big kiss. I have a picture of that, but I don't like that photo because Elvis looks a hundred times better than me.

TVGO: And now, you're working with another legend, Scooby-Doo. Be honest, have you ever seen a Scooby-Doo cartoon?
I might have seen Scooby-Doo as I was switching the channels. Really, I'm sure I've seen that nutty dog. I know who he is, I'm no dummy. My kids like him.

TVGO: What do you watch on TV?
I watch the college station here in Hawaii. They conduct classes on geography and history. I love it because I'm an information freak. I've been learning about earthquakes and tsunamis, and now I'm ready to move to Colorado. Can you imagine Don Ho in Denver?

TVGO: Nope.
Ah well, neither can I.

TVGO: Can't imagine Hawaii without Don Ho. Do you still give all the girls in the audience a kiss?
I don't kiss anymore! In the '70s, every grandma used to shove her tongue down my throat. But things have changed. Who knows what people might have? I do give people hugs, but during the flu season, I must be honest, I don't even want to shake a hand.