Question: Does no one at TV Guide like Desperate Housewives anymore?

Answer: Huh? You'd be hard-pressed to find someone here who doesn't like those crazy Wisterians. Heck, even I arguably one of the show's most attractive high-profile detractors came around and praised last week's season premiere. Too bad the romance was short-lived; Housewives reverted to its old habits on Sunday's show. Everything I loved about the premiere vanished in Episode 2, most notably the clever writing. The whole extortion subplot with Carlos and Gabrielle played like an embarrassing D-story from the final days of

Melrose Place
, and the Susan-Karl-Edie triangle went from zero to nowhere in six seconds. At least the writers had the good sense to have Bree backhand Shirley Knight. Now that's entertainment. BTW, does anyone else think it odd that Marc Cherry did not write the first or second episodes of the season? Anyone? Bueller?