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Lou Dobbs covered politics for CNN for years but now Dobbs may be heading to the other end of the political spectrum, as a possible Senate or presidential candidate.

"I am ruling nothing out. ... I have come to no conclusions and no decisions," Dobbs told Reuters about rumors that he may run for the New Jersey Senate or for the White House in 2012 as a third-party candidate. "Do I seek to have some influence on public policy? Absolutely. Do I seek to represent and champion the middle class in this country and those who aspire to it? Absolutely. And I will."

Lou Dobbs: CNN departure was "amicable"

Dobbs left his longtime post on the cable news network last Wednesday after months of controversy stemming partially from his views on immigration, among other hot-button issues. Dobbs acknowledged his on-air views played a part in his exit.

"[CNN] wanted to reverse direction on my show from what had been a news debate and my opinion to a middle-of-the road, as [CNN President] Jon Klein styled it, non-opinion show," Dobbs told Reuters.. "It was just not gratifying to me to sit there and read a news show — and I much prefer to be more engaged."