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Former CNN host Lou Dobbs said his recent departure from the news network was "very amicable."

Lou Dobbs leaving CNN

"I don't know if people will believe it, but we had a very amicable parting on the best of terms," Dobbs told The Associated Press. "I spent 29 years there building that company, and I wish everyone there nothing but the best, and they have reciprocated with me."

Dobbs, who had recently come under fire for his stance on immigration and  U.S. border enforcement, abruptly announced he was leaving the network on his show, Lou Dobbs Tonight, last Wednesday. The 64-year-old anchor also added that he is taking time to decide what, aside from his daily radio show, he wants to do next and promised to reach out to groups who criticized him.

John King to replace Lou Dobbs

Though Dobbs said his leaving was a mutual decision, he said he approached CNN President John Klein to tell him things weren't working out.

"What they do is their business and I tried to accommodate them as best I could, but I've said for many years now that neutrality is not part of my being," he said. "I have strong views about a lot of issues that are important to the country and I think are important to my audience."

Lou Dobbs to appear on The O'Reilly Factor Monday

Starting early next year, CNN anchor John King will headline a new nightly political program in the spot left vacant by Dobbs.

Dobbs is scheduled to appear on Fox News' O'Reilly Factor on Monday to discuss his abrupt resignation and his controversial views on immigration.