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A Montana woman who has been claiming for years that Michael Lohan is the father of her 17-year-old daughter was proven correct this week, when the resuls of a DNA test were revealed on The Trisha Goddard Show.

Krista Horn Kaufmann and her daughter Ashley appeared on the show, with Ashley meeting her father Michael for the first time after the results were shown.

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Ashley volunteered to open the envelope herself, but the teen seemed less than thrilled by the news that she is Lindsay Lohan's half-sister. She initially stayed quiet and, after Goddard announced the results to the audience, handed the envelope to Michael and said, "Just to prove it to you." Her mother began crying.

An awkward moment followed, with Lohan attempting to hug his long-lost daughter and Ashley shying away, telling him, "This is the first time I've met you."

Ashley is the product of an affair Lohan had with Horn while he was still married to Dina Lohan, the mother of Lindsay and his other three children. Lohan had previously denied being Ashley's father and had refused to pay child support, prompting Kaufmann to go public with her claims, according to the New York Daily News.

Watch the video:

When Lindsay Lohan was asked about the report on Good Morning America Friday, she responded, "I didn't even hear that, so thanks for the news. I don't pay attention to any of it."