Like everyone else, former Designing Women star Dixie Carter has to wait until Monday evening at 7 pm/ET to see Lifetime's Intimate Portrait: Dixie Carter. And although she's beside herself with anticipation, the Southern belle admits a part of her is afraid to tune in.

"I hope it didn't have a lot of pictures of me crying my eyes out," she tells TV Guide Online. "When I think about my home and my family, it usually makes me cry, so I don't know how much of that I did during those very long interviews. Hopefully, I had the discipline to keep from boo-hooing too much."

Chances are, Carter will have a harder time keeping the floodgates closed while watching the hour-long trip down memory lane. In addition to chronicling every aspect of her impressive career — including her early days as a singer, a stint on The Edge of Night, and her current gig as eccentric attorney Randi King on CBS's Family Law — the retrospective covers such personal milestones as the birth of her two daughters, her mid-'80s facelift, and her marriage to actor Hal Holbrook.

And of course, what would a Dixie Carter bio be without a rehash of the highly publicized behind-the-scenes turmoil on Designing Women that caused her friendship with co-star Delta Burke to come apart at the seams? But Carter was confident that Lifetime would deal with the painful ordeal responsibly. "I was not at all concerned," insists the actress, who has since buried the hatchet with Burke. "That's in the past now. If I had been concerned about that, I couldn't have done the show."

As it is, Carter had more pressing worries — like turning into a blubbering mess in front of America. "There's nothing wrong with [crying during interviews]," she says. "I just think it's more affecting if the person just says what they think or tells what happened and they let me, the audience, cry."