If you noticed some of your favorite titles disappearing from Disney+ this month, you are not alone in your distress. Disney fans reported a sizable list of classics missing from the streaming service that had been there at launch.

Beloved movies like Home Alone, The Sandlot, Dr. Dolittle, and more up and vanished from the Disney+ library seemingly for no reason. So, is it simply a glitch or are the titles gone for good? TV Guide has learned that the surprise purge of content is no accident, but we also won't be saying goodbye to these titles permanently. Once existing licensing deals expire, these movies will rejoin Disney+ on a permanent basis as expected. Honestly, were you really going to watch Home Alone again before next December anyway?

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While this small bump isn't exactly a cause for alarm, one of the most appealing reasons to sign up for Disney+ was the seemingly endless vault of properties that would be offered on the streaming service, some of which hold fond places in our nostalgic little hearts. Even better, we assumed there wouldn't be the usual confusion of titles coming and going since Disney owned the properties and wouldn't be licensing them out to other services anymore. Unfortunately, it seems we've got a little longer to wait until all of the movies in the Disney vault belong solely on Disney+.

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