Avatar Avatar

What naturally follows becoming the biggest box-office movie ever? Inspiring a theme park.

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Worldwide announced it will collaborate with James Cameron to create Avatar -themed attractions at Disney parks beginning in 2013.

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The first Avatar

-themed land will be at Disney World's Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Fl. The company plans to eventually expand the franchise to other Disney parks around the world. Cameron and producer-partner Jon Landau will serve as creative consultants to Walt Disney Imagineering, advising the design and development of the attractions.

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"Avatar created a world which audiences can discover again and again and now, through this incredible partnership with Disney, we'll be able to bring Pandora to life like never before. With two new Avatar films currently in development, we'll have even more locations, characters and stories to explore," Cameron said.Avatar, released in December 2009, earned nearly $2.8 billion worldwide, making it the highest-grossing film of all time. It won three Academy Awards and two Golden Globes.