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Discovery Channel can't get enough of Alaska, and now it's traveling to the 49th state's remote interior for the new series Yukon Men. The show, which debuts August 24 at 10/9c, follows some of the rugged inhabitants of Tanana, Alaska, a town of about 200 citizens.

Life is harsh in Tanana, which is located at the junction of two rivers and isn't easily accessible by roads. "People struggle to find food and heat and battle life-threatening predators just to survive," according to the show's description. "Boys grow into men quickly here because they must help the family survive. Father-son bonding and tensions take on a new meaning in this environment. The stakes are high in Tanana."

Among the series stars are Boston native Stan, who moved to Tanana 40 years ago to escape his troubles and now lives off the land with his family and his 14-dog sled team. The show will also feature Stan's son, 21-year-old Joey, who was born and raised in Tanana and has developed some impressive survival techniques.

Yukon Men also features Charlie, a hunter and trapper who helps keep the town's water supply running. His son Robert is still trying to have a normal life in an abnormal setting. Then there's James, a quiet logger, and frontier woman Courtney.

Paper Route Productions, which produced Ghost Lab for Discovery, is behind Yukon Men. Discovery's other Alaska-set series include Flying Wild Alaska and Bering Sea Gold — and of course, the granddaddy of them all, Deadliest Catch.

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