<I>Dirty Sexy Money</i> Dirty Sexy Money

The cast of Dirty Sexy Money, like their ABC brethren at Pushing Daisies and Eli Stone, still anxiously await word on a back nine pick-up for the prime-time sudser's second season. And if it doesn't come soon, the Darlings will have to cash out. 

Speaking with TVGuide.com via satellite on Wednesday morning, Seth Gabel and William Baldwin (aka Jeremy and Patrick) confirmed that they were wrapping production on the final episode of this season's original 13-episode order, and had yet to hear a decision on what's next.

Baldwin's directive to fans was this: If you want to watch five more episodes of Dirty Sexy Money, go out and party tonight; if you want to watch five more years' worth, the time to tune in is now.

This week, DSM will air Episode 6 of its sophomore run, and ABC's latest schedule has brand-new outings unspooling through at least Dec. 10 — including one revolving around Karen Darling's wedding to her family's arch enemy, Simon Elder (Blair Underwood). Get a sneak peek at that sure-to-be-unorthodox wedding, as well as the latest word on Jeremy and Patrick's own sordid lives, when our video with Gabel and Baldwin is posted next week.