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Zoe McLellan sure knows how to keep good company. During her run on ABC's Dirty Sexy Money — where she shared scenes with the likes of Peter Krause and Blair Underwood — the actress made time for Reunion, an indie also starring Brett Cullen (Damages), Jamey Sheridan (Law & Order: Criminal Intent) and Amy Pietz (Aliens in America). TVGuide.com spoke with McLellan about the ensemble piece (which revolves around a bombshell-filled gathering of former members of a Yale secret society), as well as when Dirty Sexy fans might expect to see Lisa, Nick and the gang again.

TVGuide.com: Reunion is such an ensemble piece. Was that a big draw for you?
Zoe McLellan: Absolutely. When my agent told me about the cast they had already set in place, I was pretty blown away. The table read was actually pretty incredible — we felt like we could put it up on stage that day! 

TVGuide.com: Have you ever done anything like this, reunite with a bunch of former classmates and reflect on old times?
I have not. In fact, I totally wimped out on my 10-year high-school reunion.

TVGuide.com: It just seems like a recipe for disaster. You may come away with some self-introspection, sure, but there could also be some rude awakenings, as we see in the movie.
McLellan: Yeah, definitely. I'd feel like the pressure is on! 

TVGuide.com: Besides, in today's day and age, you can "reunite" with people on, like, Facebook. In fact, I have "Simon Elder" as one of my Friends.
McLellan: Do you really? Nice. I'm not doing Facebook, but I have a MySpace [page].

TVGuide.com: Were you as sad as I was when Dirty Sexy Money got axed?
McLellan: Of course! We were shocked actually. But we had such start-stop momentum with the strike, and there were various show runners.... We just didn't have that continuous, constant run. 

TVGuide.com: But it was getting so frothy and fast-moving!
McLellan: I know. We were just taking off, and then it was over. It ended way too soon.

TVGuide.com: Lisa was just becoming her own woman, really.
McLellan: She sure was. [Laughs

TVGuide.com: What was coming up for her?
McLellan: I don't know what I can reveal, because [the final episodes] may still air. I don't want to ruin any surprises. 

TVGuide.com: I actually got an email from someone in the Philippines saying that they are getting the unaired episodes this month, ahead of the United States.
McLellan: Really? That's interesting. Huh. [A spokesperson for ABC's international distribution denies any such premiere plan.]

TVGuide.com: So, the plan is for ABC to burn them off this summer?
McLellan: Yeah, that's the last I've heard — and then they'll go to DVD. 

TVGuide.com: It's been out there that in the finale, we find out who killed Nick's father.
McLellan: Yes, we do. Again, I can't reveal any Dirty Sexy secrets!

TVGuide.com: The last time I saw you was at last summer's TCA press tour, and you walked the red carpet with your hair all teased. I said to Blair Underwood, "She should totally wear her hair like that on the show."
McLellan: Yeah, I got in trouble for that hairdo. They were like, "OK, maybe that's you in your real life, but 'Lisa' needs to be more conservative." [Laughs]

TVGuide.com: Here's my theory on Lisa's hair: I think they made you keep it short because otherwise you'd look too much like Kate Walsh, and Private Practice at the time aired right before Dirty Sexy Money.
McLellan: First of all, that's the biggest compliment ever, because I think she's absolutely gorgeous. But that didn't have anything to do with it. When I auditioned for the show I had short hair, and they just wanted me to keep it that way. But who knows! Maybe Kate and I will play sisters one day or something.

TVGuide.com: What else do you have planned right now?
McLellan: I can't talk about it yet. There are things in the works, but I have learned to not speak up until you have it in writing. 

TVGuide.com: You're so doing that Sex in the City-with-werewolves pilot, aren't you?!
McLellan: Sex in the City with werewolves?! I haven't read that one — but it sounds interesting! Let's just put it this way: I'm keeping busy.