Question: Dirt dirt? Pretty please?

Answer: Hope you've got a big shovel there, Tiny, 'cause I've got loads. For season 2, the show is casting five - count 'em, five - new recurring roles. Debuting in the first episode will be Elaine Bass, the editor of rival rag Superstar; Sharlee Cates, who is, in essence, Lindsay Lohan; and Farber Kauffman, Dirt Now's new hire, a twentysomething know-it-all stolen away from a respectable mag. (Paging Matt Czuchry ) Episode three will introduce Adam Proteau, a foreign wild man in the same age range as Rudolf Martin (24). And in episode five, we'll meet Adrian Duncan, a Richie Rich slumming as a playboy paparazzo with the hots for Courteney Cox's Lucy. (And pretty much anyone else in a skirt, too.)