Julie Klausner is living the dream on Difficult People- the dream of being an a--hole, that is.

"I get to live out my fantasies of being a bigger a--hole than I am in real life," says Klausner, who created and stars in the Hulu comedy. "Usually, I just swallow it or turn it against myself. In the show, I get to respond to people directly and be really obnoxious and act like an arrogant moron. And it's just the most fun thing ever.

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"Not to make this a conversation about gender, necessarily, but I think men have had the opportunity to play arrogant idiots for a long time in comedies and this is really fun for me. I get to kind of be my own Larry David," Klausner continues, also noting Lisa Kudrow's character in The Comeback as an inspiration.

"I think [The Comeback] was ahead of its time because you saw a woman play a character who was, I don't want to say unsympathetic as much as just un-self-aware. And those are the most fun characters to play," she says.

See what else Klausner says in the video above.

Difficult People's second season premieres July 12 on Hulu.