Joking about celebrities comes as naturally to Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner as breathing - something the duo puts to great use starring in the Hulu comedy Difficult People.

"The inspiration was basically the friendship Julie and I have and the fact that we really talk about pop culture, almost as a defense mechanism against talking about other parts of our lives," Eichner tells on the show's Brooklyn set.

However, mocking celebrities - many of whom have intensely defensive fan bases - can come with its own set of consequences. But according to Klausner, who created and writes the series, she's never received any serious blowback from any of her jokes.

Prepare to become obsessed with Difficult People's Julie Klausner

"No one knows who I am, really. So it's nice to be an anonymous curmudgeon, because what do I have to lose?" Klausner says. And even if she ever were to come under fire for a joke - such as her recent tête-à-tête with Zendaya - Klausner says, "I could only take it as a compliment."

However, Eicher explains, instances where celebrities criticize comedian's jokes are becoming rarer these days. "Celebrities now, and their publicists, are savvy enough to know that even if you are upset by something a comedian said, don't tell anyone," says the actor and Billy on the Street host. "Because that's so deeply uncool, to be that vulnerable or to act like you don't have a sense of humor about yourself. And the cool ones do have a sense of humor."

See what else Eichner and Klausner share - including who unfollowed Eichner on Twitter - in the video above.

Difficult People returns to Hulu later this year, but you can catch up on Season 1 now!