Sarah Michelle Gellar Sarah Michelle Gellar

OK, can we be done with the whole "Buffy is back!" business? Because honestly, Sarah Michelle Gellar's long-awaited and monstrously hyped return to TV is so not Buffy.

Last night, the actress who slayed us and thousands of vampires hit the small screen after too long away with Ringer, a new drama that shows some serious promise, as well as some real room for improvement.

Playing twins — one an ex-junkie on the run from the mob, the other an uptight socialite — Gellar is as good as she's ever been and it's so sweet to see her in grown-up roles that don't involve creepy dead kids (The Grudge) or CGI dogs (Scooby-Doo). Thanks to an out-of-left-field tragedy, compounded by a second reveal at the hour's end, trashy twin Bridget wound up slipping in to her high-falutin' sis Siobhan's identity and finding out that the glamorous life can be just as slimy and treacherous as her old days as a stripper with a smack problem. Girl can't win for losing. But hey, no Hellmouth, so that's a plus, right?

It's soapy and twisty and we love SMG more than life, but it just feels like something's missing right now. Maybe it's that the pilot was so dour and joyless. Maybe it's too hard to believe that Siobhan would cheat on her hottie hubby (Ioan Gruffud) or endure that shrill best friend character. Or maybe it's just that we're not used to seeing Gellar on TV without the wondrous snap of Joss Whedon's dialogue to accentuate her sass. Whatever it is, our adoration for Gellar — and the idea of two Gellars in one show — is deep enough to warrant at least a second look.

How about you? Will you be back for Ringer next week? And how happy are you to see SMG back on TV?

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