Question: Did you really fly out to L.A. just to attend a party on Monday? Must be nice.

Answer: It wasn't just any party. It was Fox's annual fall bash, and 3,000 miles doesn't seem like that far to travel when the guest list includes such AA all-stars as Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, David Boreanaz, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Jack Bristow and the casts of The O.C., House (sans House himself) and Justice. In addition to conducting dozens of soon-to-be-posted video interviews with all of the above (and then some), I walked away with about a half-dozen juicy pieces o' prattle the biggest of which didn't even pertain to a Fox show. Speaking of which, I really hope this week's AA mailbag includes a question about which big-name actor will be temporarily replacing William Petersen on CSI in January.