Question: Did Milo Ventimiglia make any comments about Jess' return?

Answer: Did he ever. Milo spoke to my Entertainment News successor Matt Webb Mitovich last week about Bedford Diaries and I forwarded him a few GG questions, including the loaded, "Who's better for Rory: Logan or Jess?" This was his answer: "I really used to like Logan, but he's been kind of an a--hole. I think it has to be Jess or somebody else." Here are some other bon mots from the interview:

  • How did his April 11 return come about? "It fit with my schedule. They asked if I wanted to come back, I said sure. I had two days to pop out an episode. It's always fun to go back and see the crowd."
  • What's the purpose of Jess' return? "Does Jess ever really serve plot points? I think he did a little last time [when he] got Rory thinking about her ex-boyfriend. This was a nice little guest-star thing. I had a nice scene with Scott Patterson, I had a good scene with Rory."
  • Would he ever go back full-time? "I wouldn't do it. It's not that bad to go back and forth once or twice a year, but I couldn't go back to [being a] regular."