Question: Did Joss Whedon mention Charisma Carpenter being on Veronica Mars while you were interviewing him? Is there any chance the rift between them has healed?

Answer: Yes, he discussed Charisma and yes, I think we can assume from his comments that the rumored hatchet has been buried. This is what he said when I asked him why he thinks Charisma keeps getting cast as bitchy sexpots: "She looks the part, let's face it. She's a stunner, she's voluptuous, she's got that sort of air about her. But she's not that person at all I mean, Cordelia was that person until we said, 'Let's see the other side.' She can just sort of take that and hit it out of the park, and then if you need to get in deeper, there's more there. Whether or not they're going to show that [on Veronica Mars] I don't know, although that is sort of Veronica Mars' benchmark. It's their staple that the person you think you know perfectly is more textured."