Question: Did you hear about Grey's shooting on location in Seattle last week?

Answer: Did I hear? Did I hear? I was inundated with e-mails from Seattle-based AA readers about the "top-secret" location shoot. One of them wrote to tell me that her aunt works at the charter-plane company in Seattle that Patrick Dempsey used when he was done filming. "He was several hours early [for his flight]," she wrote. "So my aunt had the hard task of entertaining Dr. McDreamy for about an hour. Heres the scoop: His nickname is 'Paddy'; he loves French fries and was impressed my aunt had already ordered some for his plane; the tree going through the kid in the premiere was a true story; this weeks episode is 'dark' his words; they are currently filming Episode 8, and when asked what's going on, he replied, 'You know I cant say anything,' but then smiled and said, 'But its good!'; he cant believe how popular the show has become and how well its doing; and when he was leaving, he thanked my aunt and gave her a kiss on the cheek! Now my aunt goes around telling everyone that McDreamy knows her name and kissed her on the cheek!" How exciting for you and your aunt! Now ask your aunt if she can hook me up with a free flight to L.A. next month for the USC-Cal game! At this stage in my career, I really can't be seen flying a commercial airliner.