Question: So did you happen to run into Mischa Barton at the InStyle party? If so, what did she think about The O.C.'s cancellation?

Answer: OMG! How did you know?! Yes, I cornered her at the bar and lightly grilled her about the demise of her alma mater. "It's definitely bittersweet," she told me. "It's too bad. I think it had its run, though. It was great while it lasted. But, of course, I was a little upset for [the cast]." When I asked her whether she felt Marissa's death contributed to the show's premature axing, as die-hard Marissa fans are naturally contending, she took the high road and said, "I have no comment on that. But I am really grateful to the fans. They've been very, very loyal, and that's always been really important to me." Those same fans can look forward to seeing Barton in two upcoming films: Richard Attenborough's drama Closing the Ring, in which she plays "a young Shirley MacLaine," and the indie flick Don't Fade Away, with Beau Bridges and Summerland's Ryan Kwanten. (BTW, Mischa Barton is really tall... shockingly so. She's also pretty sweet. I feel a little rotten about all those digs I took at her acting. I'm not a bad person, am I?)