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A movie poster for the upcoming biopic about Princess Diana, starring Naomi Watts as the late princess, has been placed on the spot directly above the Paris traffic tunnel where she was killed in a car accident in 1997.

According to People, the poster for Diana is just feet away from the Flame of Liberty, which became an unofficial memorial for Diana following her tragic death at the age of 36.

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"I really don't have any words to describe how I feel about this cynical and shameless attempt to publicize a film that should never have been made," Rosa Monckton, one of Princess Diana's close confidantes, said. "To have made a film so speculative as this is disgusting enough, but to then advertise it on the spot at which she died is despicable. ... I would expect them to take it down right now."

A spokesman for the Paris City Hall told the magazine that the posters were "all over" Paris and were all displayed legally.

Loosely based on Diana's romance with Dr. Hasnat Khan, the film has received negative reviews in Britain and Paris. Diana hits U.S. theaters on Nov. 1. Watch the trailer here.