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Dexter's titular serial killer will be bloody busy this season as he takes on single parenting, hiding his secret hobby, and the ever-encroaching suspicions of his sister. On Thursday at Comic-Con, the cast and producers of Dexter dished on the new season, which jumps ahead a year. Which one of his victims encourages his journey to find faith?

Dexter Exclusive: In Season 6, Dexter finds... faith?

Here are the five things Dexter will find this season:

1. Dexter finds faith: Dexter's mission this season is to figure out what his legacy to his son, Harrison, will be — and he's hoping it isn't the need to kill people. "His son is growing into a little boy and is only going to get older and in need of guidance," Michael C. Hall says. "Dexter feels ill-equipped to provide that, and as a result, is motivated to find ways to do that, including maybe giving him some sort of spiritual grounding, something Dexter has never really cared about, but recognizes his son might need."

2.  Dexter finds new friends: In his search for faith, Dexter will come across Geller (Edward James Olmos), a renowned professor of religious history, Travis (Colin Hanks), a restorer who works at the Miami Museum, and Brother Sam (Mos), an ex-con whose mission is to help reform other offenders. "If I may be so bold... you're going to see some stuff this season that you have not seen in previous seasons," teases Hanks, who declined to elaborate. Mos put it this way: "I could [tell you], but then Dexter will kill me."

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3. Dexter finds clarity: After losing his wife to another serial killer and being left by the only living person who knows his secret, Dexter is not necessarily on the market this season. "The Lumen [Julia Stiles] story is something that allowed Dexter to actively atone for the responsibility he had for Rita's death, and he's been through that and processed that in his way," Hall says. "He's pretty much completely unplugged from that experience and is back to his killing ways."

4. Dexter finds trouble? Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) came thisclose to discovering Dexter's secret in the Season 5 finale, but she's not as close as she appears. "Deb is very smart, but Dexter is smarter," new showrunner Scott Buck says. But what about Quinn? Will he outfox the killer? "Dexter is definitely smarter."

5. Dexter finds a new ritual: Dexter has come a long way from Season 1 and has discovered new methods in killing his victims. In the trailer for Season 6, Dexter has a smashing new technique. See for yourself in the trailer below. (Warning: It's a little graphic.)

Dexter returns for Season 6 on Sunday, Oct. 2 at 9/8c, followed by the series premiere of Homeland.