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Dexter is (almost) back — and it's time to get bloody!

After several seasons of strife for Dexter (Michael C. Hall), Season 6 will find the serial-killing anti-hero in a new place in his life — both literally and figuratively.

There has been some buzz that the Showtime series would possibly jump ahead in the future (since time jumps are all the rage right now. Looking at you Weeds and True Blood), but executive producer Sara Colleton tells exclusively just how far ahead the show is jumping.

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"We thought a clean start to this season would be to jump ahead a year, so he's not getting over Lumen [Julia Stiles], and he's not still in the throes of dealing with the Rita [Julie Benz] thing," Colleton says. "We wanted to jump ahead a year and find that Dexter has gotten his groove back. He's gotten over Rita and Lumen."

While Season 5 dealt with Dexter atoning for his involvement, or lack thereof, in Rita's death, along with finally accepting his Dark Passenger's presence, this year we'll find Dexter has gone back to basics in many ways. "When we open up Season 6, we find Dexter in a very positive place in his life," Colleton says. "It's like the Dexter we know and love is back, and he still wants to play."

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Still, a lot has happened in the year since Harrison celebrated his first birthday in the Season 5 finale. "There are things in life that Dexter's dealing with and one of them is that Harrison is now 2 years old and he has to go to school," she says. "There are things that he has to start thinking about with his son, and he's been keenly aware of what it is that he doesn't want to pass on to Harrison, namely his Dark Passenger, but Dexter has no idea what it is that he does want to pass on."

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