Question: When's Dexter coming back? Any scoop for the new season?

Answer: Season 2 kicks off Sept. 30 and, as you probably heard, Keith Carradine is joining the cast as, per a Showtime press release, "an FBI agent investigating a large number of dead bodies recently found in Miami." What the press release didn't say was that the body parts (Spoiler alert) all belong to Dexter's victims, and their discovery finds dear ol' Dex at the center of a huge manhunt. He even gets his own nickname, à la the Ice Truck Killer: He's the *a* H***** **tc*e*! In other Dexter news, producers are currently casting the role of Rita's estranged mother. She shows up to try to patch things up, but then she meets Dexter and the mother-daughter reunion goes ka-boom.