David Boreanaz, Stewie David Boreanaz, Stewie

What the deuce are the Bones producers thinking? Stewie Griffin, Family Guy's matricidal baby, will appear in all his animated glory on the May 7 episode of Bones. Really?

Crossovers can be risky ventures and can push both shows involved to the precipice of a shark jump, but when an animated character is involved in the crossover, is it automatically time to the cue the Jaws theme?

The episode's story goes that Brennan asks Booth to be her baby-daddy, and shortly after, Booth becomes seriously ill with an affliction that causes hallucinations — apparently ones that include a highly-rated Fox cartoon baby. To be fair, only the ailing Booth will see or interact with Stewie, so it's not like the little hellion will be slicing and dicing corpses alongside Bones' crew.

Until last week, the most troublesome shark-jumping storyline discussed on Bones was the much-teased bedroom romp between Booth and Bones that will reportedly take place in the season finale. But will we, as fans, even want make it to the finale after sitting through such a blatantly ridiculous attempt at cross-promotion?