<I>Bones</i>' David Boreanaz, <I>Family Guy</i>'s Stewie Bones' David Boreanaz, Family Guy's Stewie

As Bones' Booth ponders becoming a family man, he'll get a visit from Family Guy's Stewie, in a "crossover" episode slated to air May 7.

The set-up for this unusual merger of genres: When Bones' Brennan asks Booth to father her a child, the normally nonplussed federal agent becomes consumed by the prospect of procreating. That, coupled with an undiagnosed health issue Booth is suffering from, sets the stage for a visit from diabolical Stewie, who tenders advice to the prospective pop.

Asked about his Bones drop-by, Stewie said in a statement, "Oh, have you seen it? Was I good? Because I heard they said I was amazing and they want me to replace Emily [Deschanel]. But that's just a rumor."

Boreanaz, in turn, says that Bones' wisecracking guest star "was good during the actual scenes ... but between takes he literally vanished — nowhere to be seen.

"I guess it's true that Brits and cartoons tend to be standoffish," adds Boreanaz. "Or maybe it was a Method thing, I don't know."

What's your honest take, Bones backers, on this super-strange crossover?