Question: Any details on Luke's long-lost

Answer: I've been saving this one for the end because, well, it's sweeps. Here's my exchange with AS-P on the subject of, well.

MA: Luke's long lost
It's a turtle. Name is Stony. Stony the turtle.

MA: Did you always plan on playing the, um, turtle card?
(Pause) Everything we do is predetermined. We don't do anything spur-of-the-moment. At the end of every year, we take a lot of time to think about where we're pushing ourselves in the following year, 'cause there's nothing scarier than going blind into a year. So, at the end of last year, we really wanted to see a turtle. It was very important for our turtle audience to be represented.

MA: The turtle news has gotten out and some fans are throwing out the words "jump" and "shark." What would you tell them?
I would say it's not jumping the shark, it's jumping the turtle.

MA: Care to elaborate?
No. People just need to watch the show and trust us. We've taken them this far. Have a little faith.

Listen to her, people. I just finished watching Episode 9 and I've got three words for you: Best. Episode. Ever. (SPOILER) Not only do our girls reunite, but the hour also includes a fantastic Comeback riff, a timely jab at Desperate Housewives and brace yourselves a full-on make-out scene between Luke and Lorelai. And not just a few pecks on the cheek. We're talking kisses. Multiple kisses on the lips. There's also warmth. And passion. And even a little heat. And regarding the long-lost turtle, I defy you to find fault with this story once you watch it play out. Not only is the turtle the greatest acting find of the year, but the way she I mean, it is introduced is nothing short of genius. I'd tell you more but I have to rush home to watch it again.

See you back here next week. And get those Lost questions in ASAP! If you want to wait until after tonight's pivotal episode, that's cool, too. But then first thing tomorrow morning get busy typing. Thursday afternoon is fine, too, but that's as far as I can push it. OK, Friday morning at the latest.

Almost forgot: Ask Ausiello got a shout-out in today's New York Times! We have arrived! Hooray for us (but mostly me)!