Desperate Housewives My roommate Jason said quite loudly towards the end: "Best episode of the season!" While I wouldn't call it the best, I'd certainly say it was

one of the best. I loved how this kissing-themed hour involved just about every character, and I especially loved how it intertwined characters with other characters that normally wouldn't be in a scene together. Although I thought the whole Gabrielle-kissing-Tom thing was just silly, I liked how it gave Gabi a reason to interact with Tom and Carlos a reason to have a scene with Lynette. And Bree asking Susan's ex, Karl, to be her lawyer was ingenious. "My son is trying to blackmail me, and I want you to stop the little SOB." Very daring of ABC in this post-Janet Jackson era to show the two teen boys kissing. Twice! Of course, Bree had to catch them her squeezing the champagne glass and making it crack was hilarious. Another little gesture that cracked me up was Gabi zipping up her top after saying to Tom: "Your wife doesn't trust me since I had an affair with my teenage gardener." Followed by that high-pitched zipping sound, it made for a perfect exit. Speaking of Tom, when did Doug Savant get so funny? He was never this amusing on Melrose Place, so I'm glad he's finally getting a chance to shine. Best line (to Lynette): "Oh, I'm a hot guy. I'm in a neighborhood filled with nothing but lonely ladies. They can't help themselves. I'm like catnip." My roommate and I laughed so hard we had to TiVo back to watch it again. But the best scene was the very end with Susan crashing her car into the back of the Applewhites' car, causing the trunk to open, revealing dead Michael Ironside to the lurking neighbors. I've missed that whole element of mystery-and-reveal that the show's been lacking lately. Hopefully, we'll get even more as the weeks go on. I myself have been desperate for it.