Desperate Housewives everywhere are hungry for intimate knowledge of Jesse Metcalfe. The 26-year-old soap star — who literally went to Hell and back for love on NBC's Passions — plays 18-year-old John Rollins, the sometime boy toy of the gorgeous and married Gabrielle Solis (Eva Longoria). But is it all just make-believe, or has he ever really yearned for the love of a mature femme fatale?

"I have gone out with an older woman," Metcalfe reveals. "I went out with a 32-year-old when I was 21. I have dated a few older women, but I don't really have a thing for them."

Well, they certainly seem to have a thing for the brown-eyed actor, who says he's remained single because "I've been too busy with a successful show, so I really haven't had time to pursue relationships."

That said, Metcalfe claims he's flattered by the attentions of his particular fan base. "It's been kind of interesting," he says, "to see how I've been reaching the older demographic. The whole younger guy-older woman-gardener fantasy definitely seems to be appealing to a lot of middle-aged women."

Appealing to say the least. Women over (and way over) 30 often approach Metcalfe when he's out on the town and whisper naughty enticements in his ear. Such as? "'You can come and mow my lawn anytime.' Or 'I have some hedges that need trimming.' Lots of sexual innuendo like that," he laughs. "We're selling the fantasy and people are buying into it. I think there's a lot of bored housewives out there. I really do."

Not that Metcalfe's the desperate type, but if he were, which of the Housewives would he go crazy for? "It's got to be Eva," he says, "but Marcia Cross is a very close second. She's got perfect porcelain skin. She's a very beautiful, regal woman. I find her very attractive."

Hmm... Maybe the fantasy works both ways after all.

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