<EM>Top Design</EM> front-runners Goil Amornvivat and Andrea Keller Top Design front-runners Goil Amornvivat and Andrea Keller

"See ya later, decorator!" It may sound corny, but when interior designers on Bravo's Top Design (Wednesdays at 10 pm/ET) hear Jonathan Adler utter that dreaded line, they know it's time to pack their paint swatches and leave. Over the last seven weeks, Adler and his team of take-no-prisoners tastemakers have whittled 12 hopefuls down to a minimalist five. Here's a look at the ambitious finalists who are still hoping to ace the ultimate DIY test.

Teacher, Parsons School of Design
Style: Ultramodern
Favorite room color: A combo of off-whites
Why the judges always heart him: "I think they liked that I'm a problem solver. Todd [Oldham] would give us a problem and I would work with it."
The hardest task for Goil is: "Choosing fabrics! I had a difficult time choosing from what they provided. I'm very particular when it comes to fabrics. Home Depot is easy, but at the fabric store I need time!"
Odds of winning: 3 1/2 out of 4 chairs

Owner, Berry/Keller Architects, Inc.
Style: Bold, cultural
Her favorite room color: "I love warm grays, but [judge] Jonathan Adler hates me for that. He likes happy colors. He thought I was incredibly depressed."
Her biggest competition: "Goil. We're both architects with similar ways of doing things. I adore Goil, but I still want him to go."
On making it to the top: "I remember thinking I would be so happy to make the top six, but then it was, ‘OK. Top four.' I'm very competitive."
Odds of winning: 3 out of 4 chairs

Head of interior design at Darcy R. Bonner and Associates
Style: Contemporary and livable
Why judges like him: "I created a signature look, a cohesiveness. You can tell they're my rooms."
On life in the Top Design crib: "At the beginning it was an adventure, like ‘We're friends.' Now [even little] things feel really important."
If you say "I despise... ," Matt says: "Team challenges. I hated them. You try so hard! I tried to be a team player, and my voice just was not heard."
Odds of winning: 2 1/2 out of 4 chairs

Interior-design student, Fashion Institute of Technology
Style: Clean and modern
When it comes to design, she loves to: "Paint. It's the easiest way to change how you feel about a space."
Her go-to room hue: "I love painting a room pink. That's my favorite color!"
Carisa on her own odds of winning: "I went into this thinking, ‘There's not a shot in hell!' I was the least competitive person on the show."
Odds of winning: 2 out of 4 chairs

Owner, Michael Adams Interiors
Style: Chic
Give a kid the computer program AutoCad and: "I can design floor plans for hours. It's my therapy. It was hard not having that program. We were stuck with engineering scales — like boot camp."
Don't believe your eyes: "I came across as cocky on TV, but I had to put up that front to keep from getting swallowed alive."
The ugly truth: "I would look over at Goil and say, ‘Why am I still here? I've created such crap!' "
Odds of winning: 1 1/2 out of 4 chairs

Check out this video preview of this week's Top Design.

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