Question: I demand information on the new season of The O.C.!

Answer: Well, here it comes! As I reported in Entertainment News last Friday, Autumn Reeser (Complete Savages) is joining the cast as bitch-on-wheels Taylor Townsend, a new rival for Rachel Bilson's Summer. (If you're thinking, "Hey Autumn/Summer, that's ingenious," you're a little late to the party.) Well, what I didn't tell you in Friday's Entertainment News was the reason they're rivals. (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!) In the wake of shooting Trey, Marissa gets kicked out of Harbor and is forced to attend public school leaving what series creator Josh Schwartz calls a huge "power vacuum" at Harbor. "Taylor wants to take over not only the social chair, but the school," he says. "And Summer is going to do her best to stand up for Marissa's honor. It's going to be really fun to see Summer back in bitch mode, not afraid to throw down and stand up for her friend."