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Debby Ryan is getting ready to break Disney boundaries with her upcoming show Jessie in which she plays a Texas teen who becomes an au pair to a wealthy couple.

"[I'm playing] someone a little bit like myself, being 18. It's going to be very cool, [but] it's going to be different for the channel," Ryan told at the Kids' Choice Awards.

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With one chapter beginning, Ryan is also anticipating another one closing: The high school days of The Suite Life on Deck.

"The Suite Life graduation episode is coming up. There were tears on set when we were filming it. If you've ever seen  even two episodes of the show, you'll want to see this," she says.

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For more on what the 17-year-old actress is up to, including making music with her friends, check out the interview below.

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Debby Ryan talks with us on the orange carpet at the Kids Choice Awards.|Kids Choice Awards|Debby Ryan