Cole Sprouse and Debby Ryan Cole Sprouse and Debby Ryan

Although Suite Life couple Cody and Bailey have recently reunited, star Debby Ryan, says the couple will have a major tiff in their upcoming Disney Channel original movie. 

"They finally got back together and it was this huge monumental occasion," Ryan tells "They have a bit of a fight in the movie because he promised to spend their last spring break on the boat together, and it turns out he took an internship at a biology reserve."

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Ryan, who recently landed her own show on Disney, says that The Suite Life Movie has a ton of action and sci-fi adventure for twin leads Dylan and Cole Sprouse, but also a bit of romance. She also hints that Cody and Bailey's fight in the film might not necessarily doom the couple.

Watch the interview below for more scoop about the movie. Plus: Ryan tells about some of the important milestones the Suite Life characters will get to share together.

The Suite Life Movie debuts Friday at 8/7c on Disney Channel.