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Dead to Me Renewed for Third and Final Season

Jen and Judy get one more round

Amanda Bell

Jen and Judy are getting one more round on Dead to Me. Netflix renewed the dark comedy for a third and final season on Monday. 

"From start to finish, Dead To Me is exactly the show I wanted to make. And it's been an incredible gift," creator Liz Feldman said in a statement. "Telling a story sprung from grief and loss has stretched me as an artist and healed me as a human. I'll be forever indebted to my partners in crime, my friends for life, Christina [Applegate] and Linda [Cardellini], and our brilliantly talented writers, cast and crew. I am beyond grateful to Netflix for supporting Dead To Me from day one, and I'm thrilled to continue our collaboration." 

Dead to Me centers on Jen Harding (Christina Applegate), a mother of two who is widowed after her husband is killed in a hit-and-run incident. While attending a group grief class, she befriends a woman named Judy Hale (Linda Cardellini), who ultimately admits that she and her ex-fiancé, Steve (James Marsden), were responsible for the fatal accident.

[If you haven't yet watched the second season of this celebrated show, read no further because the following text contains SPOILERS!] 

Jen and Judy's friendship is tested further when Jen kills Steve, who was abusive to Judy, in the Season 1 finale. Jen and Judy then spend the entire second season attempting to cover up Steve's death. The effort becomes even more complicated by the arrival of Steve's identical twin brother Ben (also portrayed by Marsden), a recovering alcoholic who develops romantic feelings for Jen. 

James Mardsen on Becoming the Good Guy in Dead to Me Season 2

In the Season 2 finale, Ben appears to receive news that his brother's body had been found, and, while drinking and driving, he smashes into Jen and Judy's car, which is stopped at the stop sign she fought so hard to have the city erect. Based on the final moments of the finale, it appears that all three characters survived the incident, but it looks looks like the characters' relationships with one another might not.

When TV Guide spoke to Mardsen about what to expect of Season 3, he shared his suspicions that all the secrets they've been hiding will finally be exposed. As Mardsen explained, "not only is [Ben] maybe going to find out that Jen was responsible for his brother's death, he's also guilty of a hit-and-run. And they were the victims of the hit-and-run. And his brother was guilty of a hit-and-run in the first season, so the perversity is -- it's amazing that Liz can actually have comedy spring from that. It's a testament to her genius."

Dead to Me is available to stream on Netflix.

Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini, Dead to Me

  Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini, Dead to Me