DC's Legends of Tomorrow is not a show you'd expect to get political, but the show is shaking up the staff with a Muslim woman on the Waverider for Season 3and the choice was very deliberate.

"It makes it really interesting to invite someone in who has a totally different perspective as you go through history," executive producer Phil Klemmer told critics at the Television Critics Association summer press tour on Wednesday. "We want to change the dynamic on the ship because it's a family story. Everyone falls into patterns. It makes it really interesting to invite someone in who has a totally different perspective as you're going through history. Everyone knows the history in your history books, but we want to give our Legends different takes on it."

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That different take will come from newcomer Tala Ashe's Zari Adrianna Tomaz, a Muslim hactivist from the year 2042 — a time that's basically a dystopian police state — who joins the Legends and pushes them to realize that history hasn't worked out for millions of marginalized people.

"Out legends have gotten, not smug, but they feel good about what they're doing," Klemmer continued. "To have Zari come in and say, 'Oh, all this history you've been fixing didn't amount to anything for me,' — that was the intention of bringing her on the ship, was to have someone force the Legends to push themselves a little more and realize that the status quo of history isn't good enough a lot of times."

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Zari isn't afraid to speak her opinion and she sees working with the Legends as a chance to improve the living conditions of people like her and all those that could use a hand in rising above oppression.

"[Zari] encounters the Legends and I think there's a philosophical challenge there," Ashe said. "She sees that they're going to fix these anachronisms in history but she's living in a time that's so bleak and so terrible that she challenges them to think, 'Is there a way for us to be Legends and be almost humanitarians about it and try to improve history and not just fix history?'"

DC's Legends of Tomorrow premieres Tuesday, Oct. 10 at 9/8c.

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