Netflix's new post-apocalyptic coming-of-age dramedy Daybreak just dropped its first full trailer. The series stars Supernatural's Colin Ford as Josh Wheeler, a teen who is finally living his best life after the end of the world. As Josh says in the trailer, "It's awesome."

Everything We Know About Netflix's Post Apocalyptic Comedy Daybreak

Well, except for the ghoulies (Daybreak's take on zombies, which include every adult on planet), his missing crush, and, oh yeah, the division of post-nuke L.A. into bloodthirsty territories ruled by high school cliques. Thankfully Josh looks like he's going to get a little help — whether he wants it or not.

Since the genre-bending trailer promises a little something for everyone, Daybreak is shaping up to be the one apocalypse you could probably look forward to.

Daybreak premieres Thursday, Oct. 24 on Netflix.