David Schwimmer David Schwimmer

It's another Friends mini-reunion on Web Therapy! David Schwimmer is heading to Lisa Kudrow's Showtime series for a four-episode arc, Entertainment Weekly reports.

He'll play a guy who finds himself traumatized after witnessing a "romantic encounter" between his college professor/father and Fiona (Kudrow). As a result, he struggles with the fact that he's only attracted to women who look like Fiona, and turns to her in hopes of finding closure. Fiona's suggestion? To re-enact the "traumatizing" event with her.

Showtime signs up for more Web Therapy

Schwimmer isn't the first Friends alum to appear on Kudrow's series. Courteney Cox guest-starred during Episode 8 of the show's first season.The series returns to Showtime this summer.