David Caruso David Caruso

Police officers in Tijuana, Mexico, have detained an Austrian woman accused of stalking David Caruso.

The 42-year-old suspect previously had been charged with stalking and threatening to kill the CSI: Miami star, but failed to show up for her July 2007 trial. Since then, she is believed to have been on the run, with laptop in tow.

Austrian prosecutors tell the Associated Press that the woman in question sent Caruso more than 100 letters, and pursued him for an autograph. When Caruso refused to oblige her request, she targeted him with death threats, say Austrian officials.

At the time the original warrant for her arrest was issued, the woman faced up to three years' imprisonment under Austria's anti-stalking law, plus the possibility of additional time if convicted on charges of eluding justice. The Austria Press Agency reported then that a court-appointed psychiatrist had diagnosed the suspect with a "profound personality disorder."

Tijuana police apprehended the woman this week with the help of The Stalker Chronicles, a blog dedicated to her arrest. The woman, turned over to immigration officials late Thursday, likely will be deported.