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Who's Going on to the Dancing with the Stars Finals?

These eliminations weren't unexpected

Malcolm Venable

Nyle DiMarco, Ginger Zee and Paige VanZant head to the Dancing with the Stars finals as Antonio Brown and Wanyá Morris got eliminated Monday.

Antonio's departure wasn't unexpected -- it was overdue, if anything -- but Wanyá's stung since he was doggedly determined to win from the start, and was the only person to get a perfect score on his solo and trio dance. But, thems the breaks, right? At least he gave it his all.

How'd everyone else fare?

Nyle DiMarco and Peta Murgatroyd - Argentine Tango - "Unsteady" by X Ambassadors

The dance: You're always blown away by Nyle's performances but his much-hyped blindfolded portion of the dance threw down the gauntlet. To be fair, Nyle didn't' do the whole thing blindfolded -- just a part that included an intensely coordinated hip-to-hip synchronization and a very technical dip. Of course, his hearing impairment meant that he was essentially doing this routine with none of the tools anyone else had, heightening the difficulty and everyone's respect for him.

What the judges say: Len said he never ceases to amaze; Carrie Ann said he inspires her to the deepest core of her being.

Score: 30/30

Trio dance with Jenna Johnson:Nyle's performance hae the most intense and complicated dancing. The 1950s diner context and costumes were fun, allowing us to really see his fast, intricate footwork. It was mostly strong, although there were times were it was slightly clumsy.

What the judges say: Len noted the loss of coordination; Bruno praised the innocence mixed with flirtatiousness.

Score: 27/30

Total: 57/60

Ginger Zee and Valentin Chmerkovskiy - Quickstep - "Fire Under My Feet" by Leona Lewis

The dance: Ginger is the whole package; her power, control, intensity and range of movement is unparalleled. This wasn't the most exciting dance she's ever done, but supremely technical and well done.

What the judges say: Carrie Ann called her a sparkling diamond but noted a slight mistake; Len called it fantastic.

Score: 29/30

Trio dance with Artem Chigvintsev:Ginger is just mesmerizing to watch. She owned the floor here, stealing the spotlight from her partners with twirls and committed depth in all her moves. It got wild in a few places though.

What the judges say: Carrie Ann, "You were in the drama, honey." True story.

Score: 27/30

Total: 56/60

Wanyá Morris and Lindsay Arnold - Charleston - "Shame on Me" by Avicii

The dance: How's this guy so limber? He looked like he's having a good time - or rather, he tried to: this guy wants to win and he can't hide it. Not a bad thing at all; he nailed his kicks and moves, and he's got crazy good timing. He just seemed a bit...too hungry you know? Like a guy on a date who's not sure if it's going well and then starts trying too hard.

What the judges say:Len said that if natural dance talent was in the dictionary, there'd be a picture of him; Bruno said he did it brilliantly.

Score: 30/30

Trio dance,with Witney Carson:Wanyá throws himself into his dance like nobody else in this thing. Graceful, precise and brewing with intensity, he more than made up for last week's bandana debacle that clearly robbed him of some confidence. He got it back though, enough for Carrrie Ann to come down off the judges table to give him a hug.

What the judges say:Len acknowledged that week was a rough one but then stood up to give him a personalized standing O. Bruno called it the comeback we were all waiting for. So true.

Score: 30/30

Total: 60/60

Paige VanZant and Mark Ballas - Argentine Tango - "One Time" by Marian Hill

The dance:While so overtly sexual that it looked like a homage to 50 Shades of Grey, the dance was deceptively complex. Paige is limber and fluid and out of everyone, looks like she's having fun the most.

What the judges say:Bruno called it like watching Basic Instinct, Fatal Attraction with a touch of 50 Shades of Greyand swore that if she didn't get to the the finals, he'll judge next week wearing a Speedo.

Score: 29/30

Trio dance, withAlan Bersten:Well! That was...ethnic, wasn't it? This was sexy, compelling and cute but our attention was diverted by all that tribal-ness going on. As Tom Bergeron said, it had "more peacock feathers than they have at NBC."

What the judges say: Len called her a showstopper while Carrie Ann came with, "That samba was on fleek!" to remind us she's down with the youths.

Score: 30/30

Total: 59/60

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Antonio Brown and Sharna Burgess - Contemporary - "Hall of Fame" by The Script

The dance: More of the same: running, standing in place, shirtless narrative-driven moving around. He's great to look at though, thanks to that body and smile, so there's that.

What the judges say: Carrie Ann kept it real, saying he's not the best dancer in the competition but his presence is magical. Dead on.

Score: 28/30

Trio dance, with Hayley Erbert:Antonio looked like he meant business, and this dance played to his newfound strengths. Although he's come a long way, it was clear this routine was designed to let him coast and not do anything that required too much coordination.

What the judges say: Bruno called it beautiful but deadly while Carrie ann acknowledged his long journey and intensity.

Score: 27/30

Total: 56/60

Only Paige, Nyle and Ginger remain. It really is anybody's game now. Who's gonna take this thing?

Dancing with the Stars Season 22 finale is Monday, May 23 at 8/9c on ABC.