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Dancing with the Stars: Who Was the First Couple Eliminated?

We all knew this was coming, right?

Lindsay MacDonald

Terrell Owens and Cheryl Burke tied with Barbara Corcoran and Keo Motsep for lowest scores and votes on this week's Dancing with the Stars, but in the end, Barbara and Keo were the ones eliminated. Barbara certainly improved from one week to the next, but ultimately she couldn't keep up with the rest of the pack.

In other news, injuries and health issues seemed to be the theme of tonight's episode.

Several contestants have health issues they're battling, including Debbie Gibson's Lyme Disease and Frankie Muniz's old back injury. Other contestants managed to injure themselves during rehearsals, which presented them with an extra hurdle. Vanessa Lachey's fancy dancing shoes cut her toe open while learning her routine, making it way harder to dance comfortably, and Drew Scott had some hamstring issues while rehearsing his foxtrot. Oy vey, take care of yourselves dancers!!

Let's recap the events of the evening!

Sharna Burgess and Derek Fisher, Dancing with the Stars

Sharna Burgess and Derek Fisher, Dancing with the Stars

Eric McCandless, ABC

Debbie Gibson & Alan Bersten - Quickstep - "This is My Time" by Amy Stroup

The dance: Debbie was determined not to let her health get in the way of her speed for the Quickstep this week. It was a non-stop routine with so much footwork to keep track of, it's a miracle Debbie was able to keep up with Alan, being an amateur dancer instead of a pro. The footwork wasn't pro-level, but it was impressive nonetheless.

What the judges said: The judges loved their speed, but Debbie's control came under a little fire. "It should never look like you're racing it," Bruno told her. It sounds like it was a note she'd gotten from Alan before, since he gave her a knowing nudge during the feedback round.

Score: 20/30

Nikki Bella & Artem Chigvinstev - Waltz - "Come Away with Me" by Norah Jones

The dance: A romantic waltz was a change-up from last week's tango, which was probably a good thing for Nikki Bella. It was elegant instead of aggressive, which gave Nikki a chance to show everyone her softer side. She was clearly disappointed with the negative feedback she got during the first round, and she definitely managed to change up her performance enough to snag a better score this time around.

What the judges said: The judges didn't have the same issue as last week, since Nikki managed to keep her eyes on her partner instead of on her feet.

Score: 21/30

Lindsey Stirling & Mark Ballas- Quickstep - "Swing Set" by Jurassic 5

The dance: A butterfly motif made the dance beautiful to watch and with Lindsey being in first place, the choreography was super challenging. The turns may have been quick, but Lindsey tackled them with style. Also, OMG the butterfly bowtie Mark was wearing!!!

What the judges said: Lindsey got much more criticism about her form this week, from the position of her neck to the flail of her arms, but it was Mark's choreography that got the biggest ding. Len reminded him that as fun as it is to break off and do some crazy choreography, you've got to maintain the hold.

Score: 21/30

Barbara Corcoran & Keo Motsepe- Tango - "Whatever Lola Wants" by Sarah Vaughan

The dance: A slower tango was just what the doctor ordered for Barbara and Keo. The offbeat stumbling from last week was gone, replaced with a sultry sureness. It didn't hurt that the routine ended with Barbara ripping Keo's shirt apart. That's always an A+ in our book.

What the judges said: While the judges wanted some crisper moves and more structure in her shoulders, all three of them were happier with her performance this week than last. A smoother dance made for a less jerky routine.

Score: 17/30

Nick Lachey & Peta Murgatroyd- Foxtrot - "Mandy" by Barry Manilow

The dance: Nick Lachey is a self-proclaimed tortoise in this race, and so far he seems to be right. He's getting better each week, even though it's slow, small progress. A wardrobe issue occurred with Peta's dress, turning a romantic spin into a bit of a jerky jumble, but that's an outlier, right?

What the judges said: The judges obviously pointed out the spin issue, and Len even got some boos from the crowd (led by Max, so there's some bias there). Their instructions? Keep making progress; slow and steady wins the race.

Score: 19/30

Drew Scott & Emma Slater- Quickstep - "Sing, Sing, Sing" by Louis Prima

The dance: Are we sure this week is the week Drew had an injury? Because he was like 10 times better in this swingy quickstep than last week's foxtrot. The crowd went nuts and rightly so! Sure, Drew couldn't quite figure out where his head was supposed to be turned, but the joy he clearly felt during the dance more than made up for that.

What the judges said: Carrie Ann called his movements lanky and Len called them gangly, but we honestly think they're confusing his dancing with the shape of his actual body. Bruno called it a "fantastic luxury performance," and we're going to stick with his opinion.

Score: 20/30

Vanessa Lachey & Maksim Chmerkovskiy- Foxtrot - "Hit Me with a Hot Note" by Tami Tappan Damiano

The dance: Maks' demands for perfection ended up creating another striking performance for Vanessa Lachey, and despite her little toe injury, she still danced like a pro. Who knew a foxtrot could be so sexy? The dance actually went so well, it brought Vanessa to tears during the feedback round.

What the judges said: "You are like liquid gold when you move. Tonight, everything was so polished," Carrie Ann gushed. Things then turned a little lewd, and Bruno said something the cameras didn't catch, but judging by Carrie Ann's reaction, that's probably for the best.

Score: 24/30

Frankie Muniz & Witney Carson - Tango - "Whatever It Takes" by Imagine Dragons

The dance: Frankie's back injury from 2009 means that keeping his frame and arching into turns isn't an easy order for him to fill. Even so, he made Witney's intense choreography work for him. "Cryotherapy, physical therapy, ice, sauna, stretching. I'm doing everything to get my back ready for Monday and Tuesday." Frankie confessed via Twitter. It paid off in the end though, with a seriously killer routine.

What the judges said: Bruno made a good point that the beat of the chosen music was almost impossible to follow, but Frankie still managed to hit every move on the right note. They all agreed that it was a hot, crisp, sharp routine, and they actually got a note about being "over-aggressive" from Len.

Score: 23/30

Terrell Owens & Cheryl Burke - Foxtrot - "Pillow Talk" by ZAYN

The dance: Terrell Owens has found his niche y'all. It's torn shirts and sexy body rolls! This is another case where it was a good idea for a bottom-rung contestant to slow things down and focus on making the steps count instead of making a spectacle of challenging choreography. Leave the fancy moves to the frontrunners and just stay in the middle of the pack T.O!

What the judges said: The judges loved the sexiness of the dance (except for Len, obviously), and it was reflected in their feedback. Bruno hit the nail on the head: "It was a sex-trot, straight into the bedroom!"

Score: 20/30

Sasha Pieterse & Gleb Savchenko - Viennese Waltz - "I'm Going Down" by Rose Royce

The dance: Sasha's parents stopped by for a visit during her rehearsals, and talk about a three on one situation. The room was full of professional dancers! The dance was definitely glamorous, but Sasha's main priority tonight was getting her ballroom face on, which she absolutely did!

What the judges said: Bruno took some issue with where Sasha's free hand went during her spins, butCarrie Ann came to bat for her, praising her natural flexibility and ease.

Score: 23/30

Victoria Arlen & Valentin Chmerkovskiy - Tango - "Look What You Made Me Do" by Taylor Swift

The dance: Honestly, the T-Swift song did half the work for these two tonight, but Victoria once again impressed by absolutely dominating intense choreography that would be hard for even the most talented of novices. Two years ago her legs weren't even moving, and now she's cleaning up on Dancing with the Stars. Kind of nuts.

What the judges said: "That was a tough cookie tango!" Bruno praised. "You looked like a leading lady, really, all the way through." Carrie Ann also had nothing but good things to say, complimenting her technique yet again.

Score: 24/30

Derek Fisher & Sharna Burgess - Foxtrot - "Hallelujah, I Love Her So" by Ray Charles

The dance: Derek Fisher is entertaining, but his technique needs a lot of work. He's not exactly what one would call graceful, and while most of the time the kitschy choreography distracts you enough not to notice, it's still something that's going to get him eliminated eventually if he doesn't learn to move like a pro.

What the judges said: Carrie Ann urged him to spread out and dance bigger, while Len focused on finesse and technique. Bruno told him to keep his bum in, which was priceless. They all agreed that he's upbeat and entertaining to watch though, so if he can just keep tapping into that, the technique will come eventually.

Score: 19/30

Jordan Fisher & Lindsay Arnold- Viennese Waltz - "Count on Me" by Judah Kelly

The dance: Jordan Fisher and Lindsey Arnold established themselves as the couple to beat in Week 1, and they're not losing that title anytime soon. Their waltz was hypnotic and their natural chemistry made for an insanely watchable dance. This one is definitely getting some views on Youtube.

What the judges said: Len didn't like the sharpness or lyrical nature of the choreography, but Bruno and Carrie Ann gave rave reviews. All the judges seemed confident that we'd see much more of Jordan and Lindsay.

Score: 24/30

Dancing with the Stars is back again tomorrow at 8/7c on ABC.