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How'd you like our last-minute dance? I thought Bindi killed it. I think as a whole, some of the critiques from the judges — bigger frame, watch the shoulders — are accurate, but I'm just so proud of her for learning and performing it. She was extraordinary. She had never danced before a month ago and learned that in two days!

I did make a point of saying that she was really bad when we first started. Like I've said before, I think a lot of people assume she came out the gate pretty good. I just wanted people to know her full story and her struggles in the beginning since that hasn't been shown yet and frankly, I think that's a far more compelling story than her just always being good. I'm just so proud of her. She's amazing.

It sucked to see Kim and Tony leave the way they did, but the rules are the rules and your health should always come first. What happened to her was really scary. It's not just like a sprained ankle or bruised rib or something. I hope she rests and gets well soon and maybe one day she'll have the opportunity to do the show again. Maybe they'll do a season of everyone who's had to withdraw!

This week is Most Memorable Year Week. I don't think you'll be surprised that Bindi's is 2006, the year her dad died. We have the contemporary and it's a very special dance. We've never intentionally gone to this vulnerable, raw place before. Every move I'm choreographing has a meaning behind it. It's very emotionally charged and very powerful. It's one of the most special weeks for me in my Dancing with the Stars career and I'm just honored to be able to be there for her and walk her through this journey and go there with her.

That year changed Bindi's life forever. She was so young and it's nothing you want anyone to go through. I'm really proud of her for sharing her story and talking about it. She's been so brave and so open. I don't know what will make the package, but honestly, they could give her a two-hour special on it. One-minute is not going to do it justice. I don't think I've gotten as emotional on the show as I have this week. There have been so many tears. It's a really heartfelt week. I briefly told her where I was when I heard he died and I said, "We all loved him so much. He's a great guy. Everybody felt like we lost somebody." She shared her dad with the world and I think it means a lot to her and her family to know how beloved he was.

It hasn't been all tears this week. I've been very protective of her and I want to make sure she's OK, so we have a safe word when things are getting too emotional and we just need a breather. The word is "peaches." We picked it after the song by The Presidents of the United States of America. So when we say it, we just stop, put on some rock music and rock out for a bit!

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