Len Cariou, <i>Damages</i> Len Cariou, Damages

 Damages' third season is racking up quite a body count. And, trust us, the show is just getting warmed up.

Damages: Tate Donovan reacts to the season premiere's shocking twist

First, the FX legal thriller revealed in the premiere that Tom Shayes (Tate Donovan

) will be murdered in six months. Last week, Ponzi schemer Louis Tobin (Len Cariou) poisoned himself rather than face an extended prison sentence.Viewers haven't seen the last of Tom or the Tobin patriarch. "We were absolutely thrilled with Len's performance and... we will be seeing more of the character of Louis Tobin," co-creator and executive producer Todd Kessler says. "What happened on Thanksgiving, which is the day that Louis Tobin confessed to his family... we will return to throughout the rest of season."Cariou was sad to see his character commit suicide, but he says his death casts a long shadow over the season. "When I got the script, it said I was killing myself. I thought, 'Oh, hell, I just was beginning to enjoy this,'" he says. "But, I think I understood, from a dramatic point of view, why Tobin would take his own life. He was in terrible misery, I think, because of what happened with his son and his wife and his daughter.

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"The whole family doesn't want to have anything to do with him anymore," Cariou says. "And he's just heartbroken and very, very ashamed of what he's done to the family's name. He thinks that this will bring some kind of peace, if not only to him, to everybody else. They'll be able to close the book on that, if you will."Kessler says with Tobin's suicide, the "ground has shifted" for the season, especially for Joe Tobin (Campbell Scott). Of particular importance is an envelope addressed to Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) that Joe found beside his father's body."[Louis] in no way expected Joe to be the one to find that, and that's something that's going to have our story take a turn," Kessler says. "That will be further explained and the ramifications of that really lead the story into the next chapter."

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That next chapter includes yet another dead body and the addition of two new characters — Patty interviews a new associate (Tara Summers) and Carol Tobin (Ana Reeder) shows up to mourn her father. Also look for Danielle Marchetti (Madchen Amick), Louis Tobin's mistress, to have a major role in Monday's episode (10/9c)."Danielle is someone who has been in the Tobins' lives for a few decades, and there are going to be relationships that she has which will be revealed," Kessler says. "Patty likes to pull at threads, and Danielle is... a loose thread that can really unravel this whole tapestry. We see Patty really start to do that as Danielle is able to get out of the hospital and speak."Who do you think will be the show's next victim?