Although Reagan-era It girl E.G. Daily hasn't had a film lead since the early 1990s, she's still a fixture at the multiplex — or at least her larynx is. Besides mouthing off as Tommy Pickles in the Rugrats flicks (and series) and the title oinker in Babe: Pig in the City, the voiceover artist lends her pipes to another of her TV characters — diminutive superheroine Buttercup — in The Powerpuff Girls Movie (opening July 3).

"I haven't really missed the on-camera work — I've been too busy," insists the petite single mom, who is best known as coquettish Loryn in Valley Girl and spunky Dottie in Pee-wee's Big Adventure. "As it is, I get to play a million different people — a bad boy, a genius, a smart-alecky kid, an old lady...

"As an on-camera actor, you'd never get to be that many people, because of your body and your looks," she continues. "But I get to be all of them."

Regardless, the sometime pop vocalist — a Friends guest star in 1994 as Phoebe's old singing partner — has anything but given up the idea of seeing, as well as hearing, herself on screen. "I still like it," she says, "and I'm sure I'll start jonesing to do it again."