Jason Jones in Iran: Access of Evil Jason Jones in Iran: Access of Evil

Can the Daily Show find the humor in absolutely anything? Audiences will find out next week when the show's Jason Jones reports from Iran on the divide between the Middle Eastern nation and the U.S.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran. For most Americans, the name conjures up images of angry Ayatollahs, mobs chanting 'Death to America' and now possible election corruption, but is this a fair representation?" the show said in an unusually serious-sounding news release Tuesday.

As part of "Jason Jones in Iran: Access of Evil," Jones will talk to a former vice president of Iran, an underground rapper, and a feminist blogger. He also attends a speech by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whose win in the country's recent election has led to cries of voter fraud.

Daily Show host Jon Stewart made a few jokes about the Iranian election on Monday's show: He continually mispronounced the president's name, and said his win was especially surprising because he's "bat---t crazy."