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They soon will be split up — Smallville is moving to Fridays at 8 — but Clark Kent and the Winchester brothers still have something in common: Despite rumblings surrounding both shows, neither is necessarily entering its final season this fall.

Asked if Clark Kent will hang up his red windbreaker after Season 9, CW entertainment president Dawn Ostroff told on Thursday, "No .... It's not necessarily the last season." Ostroff then volunteered, "I hope it's not."

Similarly, Eric Kripke has maintained in recent years that Supernatural is operating on a five-year plan, meaning this next cycle would conclude Sam and Dean's saga. Ostroff, though, says she is adopting a "We'll see how the season goes" outlook.

After all, "[The Supernatural creative team] did a really good job this year," Ostroff notes, "and it really paid off in the ratings."

Come fall, The Vampire Diaries will lead into Supernatural on Thursdays, while Fox is moving Fringe to that Thursdays-at-9 time period.

What do you think, Smallville and/or Supernatural fans? If handled properly this coming season, which show do you feel will have life left in it come fall 2010?

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