If you thought the blowhards on ABC's The Practice engaged in far too many shouting matches, you should check out HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry David and his band of grumpy sidekicks do so much screaming that it's amazing they have one voice box left among 'em. (Unlike The Practice, however, Curb isn't all bark and no bite.)

This Sunday's Curb episode features several Excedrin moments, the most notable of which involves comedian Wanda Sykes (playing herself) accusing the Seinfeld creator of adding a few extra dollars to a black man's tip — a practice she hysterically dubs "tip profiling." "It's just one of those stereotypes that hangs out there, although I haven't experienced it myself," the Comedy Central regular tells TV Guide Online, adding that she named the offense herself. "The show is mainly improv, so Larry gives us a situation and we go with it."

Regarding the show's penchant for verbal fisticuffs, Sykes — who also serves as a correspondent for HBO's Inside the NFL — believes it reflects reality. "I know I yell a lot with my friends," she says. "You also have to look at the situations that we're put in — they're so extreme. It calls for some yelling." Smiling, she adds: "And it usually involves Larry doing something really stupid, which brings out the wrath of everyone."

Well, the Curb gang may find themselves straining their vocal cords at Sunday's Emmy ceremony, where the show is up for best comedy series. "We're all really excited... it's so well-deserved," says Sykes, whose new Fox sitcom Wanda at Large debuts at midseason. Does the funny lady plan to attend the kudofest? "No... But I think I'm going to try and crash the HBO party."