Gary Dourdan by Andrew Macpherson/CBS Gary Dourdan by Andrew Macpherson/CBS

As suggested by video playing here, CSIer Gary Dourdan got into a bit of a row with a cameraman on Tuesday morn. At first, TMZ says, Dourdan ordered the camera to be shut off, then tried to wrest it from its owner. In the course of fighting over the equipment - and with the camera rolling - Dourdan allegedly shoved the shutterbug into the pavement before taking off on his motorcycle. Dourdan later returned to the scene (the L.A. hot spot Hyde) to resume the scuffle, ultimately chasing the photog into a taxi. Per the New York Daily News, the pap has since filed a vandalism complaint, with TMZ's owner saying, "Dourdan is a thug and... needs to look at some time behind bars." Dourdan's rep responded with a statement saying, "Gary has always been respectful of the media and the paparazzi but also values his privacy. It's our belief that this is a minor incident exaggerated... to create a story."

CBS says the scrape has not affected CSI production and that rumors of Dourdan being subsequently fired from the drama "are absolutely false."