Carmine Giovinazzo, <EM>CSI: NY</EM> Carmine Giovinazzo, CSI: NY
Carmine Giovinazzo takes swings at a batting cage he likes to visit when not working as hotheaded, good-hearted cop Danny Messer on . He has plenty in common with his TV alter ego, including crack! a love of baseball. But in April there will be one big difference between the two tough New Yorkers. Dannys past is going to catch up with him, and crack! it wont be pretty.

"The story line is going to be what Danny went through before he was a cop," explains Giovinazzo. Its going to put me in a real predicament and be real intense.

When a body is unearthed in the end zone at Giants Stadium, the discovery is surprisingly linked to Danny and the mysterious world of Tanglewood, his old gang of street thugs. Danny is the Sonny Corleone of the show, says creator Anthony Zuiker. Hes always in trouble, has a bad temper and cant shake his past.

Dannys background may be sketchy, but Giovinazzo comes from mainstream roots. He grew up in Staten Island, New York, and both his father and sister worked as police officers. Although he would eventually play a cop on TV, we never could picture Carmine actually following in his fathers footsteps and being one, says childhood buddy Keith Bolognese. We thought hed maybe play baseball.

Giovinazzo, an all-star high-school shortstop, earned a baseball scholarship to Wagner College and an invitation to work out for the Chicago Cubs. A bad back forced him out of the game and into acting, but he still enjoys going up against a pitching machine.

I dont think Danny will settle down, says Giovinazzo, stepping back into the cage.

Crack! Hell be in more troublesome situations, on the edge of being fired. Crack! Were not going to sew up this guy in a nice package. In other words, hell keep on swinging.