Question: You said you had "some good news for Danny/Lindsay-shippers." Spill, please!

Answer: Wow, I can't get anything past you guys. According to CSI: NY exec producer Pam Veasey, they will start off the season very much an item. "They are together and their relationship is happy and interesting," she tells me. "And, at some point, which we haven't decided yet, there will be a bump in the road like any relationship." Veasey adds that unlike a certain high-profile romance on another CSI show, Danny and Lindsay won't be going out of their way to keep their romance a secret from their coworkers. "We're not going to make a big deal about whether people know or don't know," she says. "They played that very well on CSI [with Sara and Grissom]. It's more about seeing that they have this mutual respect. They'll have moments that they share, things that the audience shares with them, but mostly they'll continue to do their jobs and enjoy working together. And then, ultimately, we'll find a little skip in there somewhere."